What Will a Trump Presidency Look Like?

It has been a few weeks since Trump was elected President of the United States. Naturally being a registered democrat I would have liked to have seen Hillary win, but it didn’t happen. But what draws me to a bit of disappointment in my own party is how Democrats overall have handled the post-election situation. Let’s face it, Donald Trump will be an unconventional president. Sure, Trump ranted during the election cycle about what he would and wouldn’t do only to change his mind like the wind. But to be candid nearly all past political winners did the same thing – but perhaps a bit more diplomatic.

I think it is safe to say that many Americans are growing tired of the politically correct atmosphere of this nation. I admit that I do enjoy the rare benefit of civility and speaking well of my neighbors even during opposition. However, the division in our country is so toxic that civility and respect for one another are no longer swept under the rug. Instead, it is shoved out the door! I have always supported a free press. What I do not support is a free press that interprets issues as if they are facts. I am beginning to see the free press somewhat morph into a level of hysteria and a quasi-form of a branch of government. Funny that the same press that wanted to hang and convict Edward Snowden is somewhat embracing the Snowden effect. Put it this way, with the election of Trump newspapers and the media may see an increase in revenues because of the entertainment value of how this administration will operate in unconventional methods.

Will Trump drain the swamp? Effectively, no. Trump is a businessman, and if you ever watched his reality TV show, you will know he seeks experience while enduring pressure. If that doesn’t seek in then, start watching Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen to better understand that concept. There will always be large fish in the water that keeps the swamp filled with legendary tails and stories to last for quite some time.

Will Trump build a wall? Yes and no. The Berlin Wall style along Mexico won’t happen. A fence? Yes. But there will be a comprehensive deportation schedule assembled, to begin with, those charged with crimes that still remain in our jails and prisons. A problem Trump will have is a new crime wave of Cartels and criminals attempting to sneak across the border. Those Cartels and others will begin to build elaborate tunnel systems. It won’t matter about a wall. Our nation will be spending tons of money to sniff out tunnel systems.

Speaking of drain the swamp. Unconventional methods mean unique styles on both sides of the political isle. The general public enjoys popularity instead of stability. The populist style may be the death of not the republican party but the democratic party too. Trump snatched the typical Republican establishment just like Sanders somewhat did with the Democrats. They styles were from the hip and very populist in general. This is the future of our politics for now and perhaps on both sides of the political coin.

The media should stop slamming Trump about his Twitter account. Trump and Twitter keep Trump alive and controversial and scores trends always for Trump. He knows this and his staff knows this. It won’t change anything. Sure, it’s not presidential or diplomatic. But it is controversial and unconventional. Most of all it is popular. The only people that really get upset is the media – especially when Twitter is a media style application! The press should begin to use Twitter to change behaviors and own it. There is a big difference between Twitter and standing before the American people. Basically, the press has to become a bit controversial themselves without breaking the ethical standards or laws to keep up with this presidency.

Author: Dwayne Daughtry

“You’re punching, and you’re kicking, ​and you’re shouting at me / I’m relying on your common decency?" I tried to become vegan (it was the worst 6 hours of my life), Executive Director - NCRSOL, State Representative (NC) - NARSOL, Legislative Consultant, Blogging Columnist, Army veteran, Arizona State alum | B.A. Organizational Leadership | M.S. Political Science | Ph.D. student Criminal Justice

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