Is the Alt-Right, Right?

Lately, the media has been increasing the mention of a loosely termed group called the Alt-Right.

Lately, the media has been increasing the mention of a loosely termed group called the Alt-Right. Yes, I am concerned about a shift towards racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Muslim bigotry, and anti-Semitism in American society. However, I cannot solely blame Trump for waking the sleeping lion. Instead, I somewhat lay blame towards universities and our educations system and the way it provides discourse. While it may be true that we do need safe spaces and some ground rules for the exchange of language. What may have created a misguided method without the other side having a viewpoint or voice? I have learned that if you do not allow a voice to be heard, even if it is racist, bigoted and filled with hate speech, then it will become a quiet storm brewing. At some point, it will explode with many followers and may accidentally capture more members.


We may hear such adage such as “education is essential” or the beautiful, provocative poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller that begins “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out.” This was perhaps our warning. We don’t educate nor do we provide a flexible voice platform for all. Instead, there is, what George Carlin referred to as, the illusion that we have liberty, freedom, and equality. In actuality, we do not. American society is consistently barraged with white washed speech usually leaving one side silent further reducing a platform to be heard. It is easy to lay blame at shock media such as Rush Limbaugh or other conservatives. But media hosts such as Limbaugh have been providing this theory for decades. Many conservatives became silent until this powderkeg moment. It blew up silently and lethal. This is where the Alt-Right will continue to grow and shift safe speech into a “you had your decades of that” rhetoric. Perhaps another reason the Alt-Right continues to grow is that it doesn’t want to research what it truthful or credible. In defense of the Alt-Right, I agree that locating reliable sources in today’s world has become rather difficult.


I am not worried about what Trump and his administration will do in the next presidential term. What I am concerned about is what we as Americans will not do just like the other presidential terms starting with Civil Rights. I remember the words of John F. Kennedy saying, Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Are we going to sit idle and watch protected classes become unprotected? I certainly hope not. I hope we become once again a credible society with a voice for everyone in hopes we can learn from one another in peace. So far the national division is killing us.

Author: Dwayne Daughtry

“You’re punching, and you’re kicking, ​and you’re shouting at me / I’m relying on your common decency?" I tried to become vegan (it was the worst 6 hours of my life), Executive Director - NCRSOL, State Representative (NC) - NARSOL, Legislative Consultant, Blogging Columnist, Army veteran, Arizona State alum | B.A. Organizational Leadership | M.S. Political Science | Ph.D. student Criminal Justice

3 thoughts on “Is the Alt-Right, Right?”

  1. I share your concerns, and have spent the last year, and the last 6 months online trying to speak to those in the conservative spectrum, to say, “yes, I get where you’re coming from…” Because, the reality is, many *have* been shut out of the conversation… and Trump is the result of many things but mainly these 2:

    1. the over-zealous, plowing through to progress, liberals.
    2. the stagnant, self-assured, uptight, afraid to step on toes conservatives.

    Do I want either of those? Hell no.

    This is why Clinton was the saner choice, she would have healed a lot of the rifts in the parties… I mean, just think of how many republicans defected to her camp after Trump was name nominee? She has a LARGE moderate conservative pull and pool… she (still) could unite us… if the electoral college sees the light.

    1. I do think that Clinton would have been a better ideal choice for President. I wished she had reached out deep to the Sanders movement because they were the ones showing up to the polls and winning key states Clinton needed to win. This is where I fear she lost the election.

      You are correct about the “shut out” conversations. In fact I fear that for the next four years lots of people will be shut out completely for any on the spot made up reason. At least if I want to reach the President all I have to do is post a Twitter or be a guest of SNL.

      In all honesty, Republicans do not defect. They just rattle and shake the establishment can a bit louder claiming they will. All those “defectors” came running back like a dodge ball game after initially saying, “Trump is a fraud” or “he is unqualified” crying this time “pick me! I was with you the whole time.” That is how the Republicans work. It was the Democrats that defected this time by not showing up to the polls.

      1. I feel like a lot of people ‘dropped the ball’ this year. The media, the press, the people, the democrats, the republicans, and now the electoral college. (Although I suspect that there were more than a few faithless electors, but we won’t know for sure until they do the count on Jan. 6th)

        I was so angry at Clinton for conceding so ‘quickly’ when in 2000, Gore sent the results all the way to the Supreme Court for a determination. And they sided with the one with the smidgeon of less than one percent of the popular vote. And she has almost a 3 percent lead over Trump.

        The Electoral College just made itself obsolete. I say this factually and not accusatory: They are nothing but a bunch of party cronies… minus the few that had the strength to think for themselves and consider that their decisions are affecting other people and not just whatever favors they got for signing that agreement. Hamilton never said, anywhere, to give the job to the party ‘favorites’ as rewards.

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