Grammy Predictions

I decided to take a moment of my free time and search the upcoming Grammy nominees. That way I can determine if I am giving music a chance or actually listening to anything worthwhile. Instead, I want to have a little fun and predict who I think will win and add who or what song I enjoy.


Record Of The Year: I predict “Hello” by Adele will win. But my favorite song in that category is “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots.


Album Of The Year: I think “25” by Adele will win this category. But I think “Lemonade” by Beyoncé has an equal change. Otherwise look for Kanye to leap on stage just to give some added drama.


Song Of The Year: While I am not a Justin Bieber fan I predict that he may win in this category for the song “Love Yourself” which was co-written by Ed Sheeran. Otherwise a close second will be Mike Posner for “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” which was a very catchy and favorite summer tune.


Best New Artist: Of course this is the kiss of death category because those that typically win in this category usually are one hit wonders. But The Chainsmokers may win this one hands down.


Best Pop Solo Performance: I have mixed feelings about this, but a strong contender and winner in this category is Ariana Grande for “Dangerous Woman.” The voters may see Beyoncé as a potential win.


Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: Again I will lean towards Twenty One Pilots as the winner. But let’s not forget Rihanna featuring Drake with the powerful hit “Work” as a possible winner.


Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: I think Bob Dylan will capture the most votes overall in this category. After all, he is a legend in the music community.


Best Pop Vocal Album: Actually I think Sia will win a Grammy for this with “This Is Acting.” She had many top hits under this release, and DJ’s are still spinning her catchy records from the past to present.


Best Dance Recording: The Chainsmokers will walk away with a Grammy for Don’t Let Me Down.


Best Dance/Electronic Album: Okay, I didn’t actually listen to this category so my prediction will be like rolling dice. I’m clueless to any winner.


Best Contemporary Instrumental Album: Human Nature by Herb Albert is my favorite pick.


Best Rock Performance: I think the Grammy artists will overwhelmingly pick David Bowie although Disturbed with The Sound Of Silence (Live on Conan) should win the category.


Best Metal Performance: I have no idea who will win. But I will take a stab at Korn.


Best Rock Song: I think Twenty One Pilots could steal this from David Bowie.


Best Rock Album: It may sound silly, but Weezer may still have what it takes to score a win. After all, they have been doing this for nearly 20 plus years.


Best Alternative Music Album: I pick Radiohead.


Best R&B Performance: I think Rihanna will take the Grammy.


Best Traditional R&B Performance: I haven’t heard too much in this category, but my bet is on Fantasia with “Sleeping With The One I Love.”


I will stop there because I have no idea about the other categories ranging from Polka, Country, and Classical to Gospel. The Grammy’s will air February 12th so I will check back to see how well or poorly I predicted. Please share your thoughts in comments.

Author: Dwayne Daughtry

“You’re punching, and you’re kicking, ​and you’re shouting at me / I’m relying on your common decency?" I tried to become vegan (it was the worst 6 hours of my life), Executive Director - NCRSOL, State Representative (NC) - NARSOL, Legislative Consultant, Blogging Columnist, Army veteran, Arizona State alum | B.A. Organizational Leadership | M.S. Political Science | Ph.D. student Criminal Justice

2 thoughts on “Grammy Predictions”

  1. Nice! 🙂

    Funny you listed 21 Pilots. My husband and I were discussing one of your previous blogs about music and how the quality just isn’t there now because of whatever ‘pop’ mold that they force musicians into… he suggested for new Good music, listen to 21 Pilots’ “The Judge”. (He hates “Stressed Out”, lol said the radio over-played it. I agree.)

    1. All I can say is “thank goodness for XM radio.” You are correct that radio overplays music. That’s why I listen mostly to NPR or XM stations.

      As for Twenty One Pilots, they are somewhat indie and write their own music. That takes talent, skill and dedication. Other artists collaborate with mega media giants are are no longer original nor talented. I do like the song “Ride”. Its catchy and also very reggae.

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