Grammy Prediction Results

Okay, I did watch the Grammy awards. Over twenty days ago I made my predictions. Based on my assessment and choices I apparently do not qualify to have a standing voting record with the Grammy academy. I got a few correct winners out of perhaps eighteen categories. Oh well, at least the Grammy’s had its entertainment moments. Clearly, Adele was the winner sweeping everything in sight. I think if Adele had a country song she would sweep that category too because she couldn’t go wrong.


Katy Perry performed her new single and presented the audience with what seemed was a politically motivate presentation with an armband and large screen displaying the United States Constitution. It was, um, so-so.


Lady Gaga performed a heavy metal duet with Metallica. However, most of the lyrics by lead singer, James Hetfield, were silent due to microphone issues. Clearly, Hetfield displayed his disappointment after the song by tossing his guitar at the stage staff and walking off the stage. Gaga did do an excellent crowd surf and back on stage without missing a note. Overall, it was different for Gaga but felt like a Hedwig Robinson moment from the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The verdict is still out on how that performance rates.


The best highlight was when Twenty One Pilots went to receive their Grammy; minus the pants. Apparently, when they were younger and watched the Grammy’s at home, they would watch in their underwear. Therefore, they made a commitment that if they ever won a Grammy, they would appear on stage in their underwear.


Another good moment was when the host, James Corden, did an impromptu Carpool Karaoke with a star-studded musical cast with the legendary Neal Diamond. The entire arena sang Sweet Caroline.


Adele had a pitch problem, which led to a start over for her live song and tribute to the late George Michael. I’m glad she started over because it was a beautiful tribute and song. The audience seemed to agree. But when Adele received her Grammy joined on the stage with the co-writer the microphone was cut off due to the time and the audience booed in a deep displeasure to the Grammy stage management.


It was good to see The Time perform a tribute to Prince. Everyone seemed to be dancing in the isles. But Bruno Mars managed to capture the ghost of Prince in full costume; minus the high heel shoes. But his guitar abilities were as if Prince was in the auditorium alive and well. It was a beautiful tribute.


Here are my predictions and outcomes from a previous posting:


Record Of The Year

I predicted: Adele

Winner: Adele

Album Of The Year

I predicted: Adele

Winner: Adele

Song Of The Year

I predicted: Justin Bieber

Winner: Adele

Best New Artist

I predicted: The Chainsmokers

Winner: Chance the Rapper

Best Pop Solo Performance

I predicted: Ariana Grande 

Winner: Adele

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

I predicted: Twenty One Pilots

Winner: Twenty One Pilots

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

I predicted: Bob Dylan

Winner: Willie Nelson

Best Pop Vocal Album

I predicted: Sia

Winner: Adele

Best Dance Recording

I predicted: The Chainsmokers

Winner: The Chainsmokers

Best Dance/Electronic Album

I predicted: nobody

Winner: Flume

Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

I predicted: Herb Albert

Winner: Snarky Puppy

Best Rock Performance

I predicted: David Bowie

Winner: David Bowie

Best Metal Performance

I predicted: Korn

Winner: Megadeath

Best Rock Song

I predicted: Twenty One Pilots

Winner: David Bowie

Best Rock Album

I predicted: Weezer

Winner: Cage the Elephant

Best Alternative Music Album

I predicted: Radiohead

Winner: David Bowie

Best R&B Performance

I predicted: Rihanna

Winner: Solange

Best Traditional R&B Performance

I predicted: Fantasia Barino

Winner: Lalah Hathaway

Author: Dwayne Daughtry

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