Social Public Policy

As a public policy researcher, I feel it is essential to engage in candid discussions. This blog is not intended to serve as a scholarly format and material based hub. Instead, the information posted here is a “round table” of input and opinion. Granted, everyone has an opinion, but it is how we engage to respect one another that provides hopefully a courtious outcome.

While I enjoy engagement with criminal justice reforms, I feel that it is vital first to pursue restorative justice. What we define as criminal activities are matters we are taught to believe. Without hesitation, the matter is reported to law enforcement or lawyers to seek retribution and perhaps a compensation package. This behavior has become so problematic that both sides have no time to face one another to bring remedy and closure.

Advocacy shouldn’t be a tunnel vision-mission. Real advocacy seeks out the opposite opinion to bring complex issues to the middle. As a Christian, I submit to my God, but I don’t give up. I find a peaceful middle ground to build upon. Some may refer to me as a bleeding heart liberal. That is fine. At least I have a good heart or intentions to seek the higher ground ensuring dissent has a voice too.

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