Sore Losers

I didn’t want to start off my blog with a rant about President Trump. In fact, I won’t. However what I will rant a bit about is the lack of respect from the opposing party that didn’t win in the recent U.S. election. It is no secret that I am a Democrat. But perhaps I try to be a better person rather than bitching about Trump taking the oath of office. What disturbs me the most about recent political protests is that it sends a horrible message about the “transfer of power.” To me, the transfer of power should always remain professional and cordial as a united people in the United States. We do have our differences, but we must learn to get past them and take that negative energy to turn it into advocacy for whatever our causes are.

I have to admit that I didn’t want to watch the inauguration. However, out of respect, I did. Okay, I didn’t like President Trump’s speech to the American people. It seemed more critical of the political establishment rather than the corporations responsible for moving those jobs overseas. There were many speakers, hecklers and those just wanting to argue or rehash old news. What made me sad was when people would boo other people. Hillary Clinton, in good taste and poise, was invited to the inauguration and did so even despite her personal feelings. I feel she honored the code of transfer of power and an ability that many Americans so often forget – good sportsmanship and conduct. When the giant screens along the Mall would show Hillary’s face, people would boo. Of course, we have free speech. But today our civility seems completely lost. The world cannot respect the United States if we are not the real leaders of respect and a united people.

Of course, political leadership will continue to argue with the press and attempt to put a spin on things. I don’t think the popular television show House of Cards would ever be popular if we didn’t already know the backstabbing plots and twists among our nation’s leaders. It is all about power. But what is most amazing is despite that power struggle there is still a level of respect and decorum for each other. The American people seem more interested in a sudden death match as if politics are somehow going to break out into a WWE main event cage match. This is not how diplomacy works. We must be mindful that diplomacy is the issue at hand rather than the personal vendetta or agenda. The agenda is about what is right for all people.

Lastly, while I am growing disappointed in American people not trying to work simple differences, I am saddened at how we have become somewhat sore losers. If the amount of bitching and negativity were energized during Election Day, we might have a different outcome. I personally know of many Democrats that didn’t vote on Election Day because they assumed Trump would lose. To me, that is arrogance while blaming the opposition for winning and then being bad sports about it. Perhaps we should be living a bit more like Kennedy’s speech of. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” During the next four years, all Americans should be working towards what is best for our nation.

Thank you, Mr. Obama

As this week ends, we will say goodbye to President Obama. In all honesty, I thought he was a good president. To me, he was diplomatic, good with his words, an excellent speaker and tried to do more for people rather than doing for business. Perhaps this is where American business didn’t care for him? In all honesty, my assessment of individuals that didn’t like the president sounded a bit more racially motivated than actually trying to understand his policies. In most cases, those that opposed the president just wanted to argue with him for the sake of having an argument. It’s no wonder why nothing really got done?


I am unsure what will happen to the Affordable Care Act? Sure, Congress will do everything to repeal it. I’ve overheard a replacement plan. But if the opposition hasn’t introduced an alternative plan in the past six years then I feel there is not a substitution in the works. Our jobs creation seems to be doing quite well. After all the president did have to work after a complete collapse of the financial markets. His administration did find Bin Laden. The list can go on. But what I liked was his diplomacy and respect for others. That is purely presidential, and I don’t think we will experience that in the future administration. I can only hope that the pundits are wrong and the new administration will find diplomacy and honorable words.


I must remember that the President is our national cheerleader for the American people. It is not a position about industry, rather “people first.” In fact, the leaders of business should be CEO’s and corporate directors; not politicians. The office of the presidency should not be overly engaged with corporate affairs. Instead, he or she should request the world to do business with the United States and let those leaders run a business as they see fit. As for foreign affairs, this is where our United Nations should be doing more to its ability to negotiate. There is no quick fix to war. Only negotiations and talking will keep from the fighting are how I assess that style of diplomacy.


I hope I am wrong, but we may find ourselves wishing Obama would still be our president when the new administration is installed. Again, I hope I am wrong. It took the Obama a while to stop him from using his Blackberry. I certainly hope that the new president will stop using his Twitter. Maybe things will get better. Who knows? But I do want to say to President Obama – Thank you for your service to our nation.

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