Presidential Witch Hunt

President Trump has introduced some rather controversial executive orders lately. A recent order was the temporary banning citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States. Personally, I think this is a dangerous policy and idea. However, Trump did lay out the plan during his campaign. It is not as if these succession of presidential orders are a surprise. In all honesty, I think a majority of people are actually surprised at how quickly these campaign suggestions became instant policy.


An interesting observation is how quickly demonstrations, and well organized I might add, suddenly appeared across the nation. Additionally, many private universities have sent out letters and social media postings letting it be known that they intend to defy a presidential order. A quick civics lesson says that executive orders do not require Congressional approval to take effect, but they have the same legal weight as laws passed by Congress. While I applaud the effort of Universities advocating for immigration issues, I think they may want to take a step back and think if such a stance is right for them. Trump has already said that he will issue another executive order to halt funding for sanctuary city schools. In all honesty, I think he will do it sooner than expected. This could mean that universities will lose federal funding leaving many students and families apparently in the middle. It could become rather nasty, but all students could be caught in the middle instead of those the target of policy intends.


I could not help but think of the Salem witch hunts where women and children were singled out because of the way they looked or what they said. In some cases those accused in the Salem Witch Trials never committed a crime nor did anything wrong. It was a populist agenda filled with mass hysteria, isolationism, religious extremism and false accusations. Many innocent people died or were forced into some form of exile to escape possible prosecution. The similarities of regular Muslims living in our country or wishing to visit versus the Salem trails are scary. Hundreds of millions of innocent people have been banned from the United States because of merely their origin. It also appears that our own method of protected discrimination classes are soon to be shredded where sex, race, religion and origin are thrown out the window with no due process but only a swipe of a pen.


Our nation must come to grips that we have President Trump for the next four years. This is how this political game has been played out since the creation of our constitution. Sure, many are not happy with the results and naturally wish they had an alternative plan. Republicans that once distanced themselves from Trump will usually rally around its leader as if all his past rhetoric was never mentioned. There will be more controversial executive orders, and at this point, nothing will surprise me. But unfortunately, that is how I must take a seat and protest where applicable until the next election. Hopefully, then Americans will have a true does of reality versus reality television to make a solid choice about leadership for the United States. The scary part is that other nations may end up barring us from entry based on how they think our electoral process works.

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