The Holocaust of Sex Offenders

A lesson from World War II is to look beyond irrational laws created by the Nazis but focus on the way those laws were quietly reinforced by citizens without challenge or question. Initially, it was the German people and other nations that played a pivotal part of extermination of Jewish populations along with homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or anyone indifferent to the political ideology of the Nazis or its particular allies. After the war, nations took an oath never to allow people to become labeled, marked, branded, or classified creating any forms of second-class citizenry. The U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington DC reminds us of valuable lesson from a particular period. Silence and indifference to the suffering of others, or to the infringement of civil rights in any society, can—however unintentionally—perpetuate problems. Another lesson is the Holocaust was not an accident in history; it occurred because individuals, organizations, and governments made choices that legalized not only discrimination but also allowed prejudice, hatred, and ultimately mass murder to happen. Ironic that a museum teaching historical lessons about branding, labels, prejudice, and hatred are steps away from Congress where such laws of injustice are frequently created.

Naturally, there are vast differences between the Holocaust and the sex offender registry. However many parallels reflect how registered, the accused, convicted, or those suspected as potential offenders are labeled. One could argue that Jewish people committed no crime in comparison to a registered offender. However, many accused are convicted by plea deals or mear suspicion. It is only later with the introduction of discovery evidence, recants, perjury, or hidden evidence that sometimes pardons the innocent.  As for those that are indeed guilty they are the faces that somehow become the broad label of anyone closely related to offenders – somewhat similar to how jews or homosexuals were and are somewhat labeled today.   While we live in a nation based on fast and speedy trial notions, there is not much emphasis on thorough and impartial investigation overall. Sex offenders have been ignored, ostracized, and shunned far into ghettos or low living standards, banned from social media, rejected employment, unable to qualify for food assistance, unable to afford or secure medical attention and other humane issues that promote fairness and assimilation within the fabric of American society. In fact, registered or convicted offenders no longer on the registry are slowly dying on the cusp of a constructed genocide machine based on a culture of segregation and demarkation. The registry is slowly changing from a second-class citizenship towards statelessness or perhaps a new and improved version of Jim Crow laws. Just as nations during WWII slowed or stopped the influx of Jewish settlers escaping unfair and harsh conditions by the Nazis, it’s U.S. states that accentuate the same conditions by disallowing those convicted of sexual offenses from departing or living freely within its borders unless police give permission. If this isn’t a method of efficacious genocide and Gestapo tactics, then I don’t know what else to say to convince you otherwise?

We are a nation of laws and consequences. At no point should a criminal charge become a “deal-making moment” for prosecutors or public policy convenience. Instead, the gavel of justice should be equally fair in punishment as the crime fits – if the person is indeed guilty. Today we see individuals convicted of murder or other felonious offenses released to live, work, and benefit freely from the bureaucracy of additional requirements. However, a first-time sex offender must endure for life the branded label of real-life purgatory until they die, commit suicide, or pass on. It is the new concentration camp that sex offenders must endure.  A large number of the registered are homeless, seek food pantries or meals, and attempt to live off the streets if permitted based on the jurisdictional law because they way politicians designed the registry requirements. It is no different than historical Nazi agendas, and we are slowly repeating a genocide and nationalist rhetoric all over again forgetting history and how it affected a particular group of people.

To the average registered offender, a life of prison would far be better and more accessible to maneuver than the complicated registry and its ever-changing requirements. I do not know of any person that has ever been released from jail to have parole/registry/civil commitment requirements for thirty years to a lifetime? I know of no other criminal offense where a person must register with police on where he/she may live; or get permission to live at an address? I know of no such laws where individuals are disqualified from obtaining a real estate, commercial driver license, or medical certification; or having to turn documentation in to have “Sex Offender” stamped all over it to alert others? Offender endure policies such as anyone convicted of a sexual assault are banned from military installations, but convicted felons can access as long as the conviction is over seven years? I know of no other agency that requires sentenced individuals to relinquish internet identifiers? The list goes on and continues to grow no different than how the Nazis created bureaucratic laws confusing the Jewish population that constructively sent them to concentration camps and eventually their deaths. This is a recipe towards constructive genocide by any nation that defines and separates misdemeanors, felons, from registered offenders as another identifier. It is an ugly and straightforward issue that must be addressed as an equivalent and comparison to how the Nazi’s implemented its Final Solution formula.

The comparisons may sound a bit harsh, over the top, or exaggerated to some. However, if Americans want to stop becoming mass murderers and facilitating a machine of orchestrated ghettos, tent cities, homeless shelters, and poverty-stricken individuals, then it must end the sex offender registry and its divisional standard on classifications of a particular class of people it chose to identify. The registry is not informational or educative. It is an additional punishment tool no different than wearing a Star of David brassard or an inked concentration tattoo number. The registry is a weaponized database that places private information in a public setting to facilitate and teach others how to achieve or become vigilantes, stalkers, preconception based zealots, and a fear factory of rhetoric comparable to how ordinary Germans labeled Jewish or those suspected to be related, homosexual, or didn’t support its government ideology for punishment. It is an international danger towards humanity filled with bugaboo and trepidation. Yet, we continue to add policy to the Registry Final Solution creating unbearable conditions or opportunities for redemption.

Have we learned any lessons from the Holocaust or the acts of history perhaps repeating itself? I am not so optimistic about the learning outcome. However, one thing may be a valuable lesson learned is that citizens that implement and support methods to rid of people instead of a problem will ultimately be held accountable for his/her actions later in life. Merely interjecting later down the road that “we had no idea what was going on?” is not going to be enough to warrant an excuse. Accountability begins today so that we restore dignity by ending discrimination, prejudice, hatred, and ultimately a convenient state-sponsored murder scheme created in part by the sex offender registry. The Holocaust took the lives of over six million people. The sex offender registry is slowly inching its way towards that number.

Syria: You Break It, You Own It

If you want to visualize how dysfunctional, our political system is then let me guide you on a grand lesson of insanity of Syria’s civil war. Four sides are beginning with the Syrian government, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah. Next, there is the Syrian Opposition and Turkey. Then ISIL or ISIS (but I will refer to them as ISIL). Lastly, there is Iraqi Kurdistan, the United States, and other militant groups. As for the numbers, rough estimates put the Syrian military at 180,000 and approximately 100,000 have been killed. ISIL has about 100,000+ soldiers, and less than 10% have been destroyed. The Syrian Opposition troop strength numbers are unfounded, but it’s safe to say over 125,000 have been killed. Finally, the Iraqi Kurds have 60,000 soldiers and over 3,000 killed.

Syria is a country with approximately 17 million people ruled by the Ba’ath Party. That name should sound familiar because in 2003 the U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority banned the Ba’ath Party entirely from Iraq. What happened next is that Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen and Syria Ba’ath Party memberships were dramatically increased. Each of those listed nations experienced increased violence and tensions based on perhaps U.S. ill-advised diplomacy. Today Syria barely has a government. Instead, homegrown political systems such as ISIL and other militants are governing Syrian territories. Survival is not based on the rule of national law but the rule of occupation. This is why millions are exiting Syria.

The United States Congress will not authorize war legislation to stop ISIL but continually blames President Obama for doing nothing about Syria. On one hand, we had a Congress that said, “the president doesn’t think ISIL is a threat to the United States” but only to say later “the United States does not need to be involved in another war.” There is no mitigation plan to deal with the millions of refugees exiting Syria and perhaps other nations affected by ISIL or other occupational forces. What makes the problem far worse is that some of our allies have now become somewhat the opposition because of diplomatic issues. Former secretary of state Colin Powell said it best “You break it, you own it.” It was the United States that invaded a nation without a plan and then created an exit strategy by the same Republican president without a long term plan. Basically, we own it because not only did we break it but we tried to sweep the fragments under the rug.

Today’s political rhetoric is all about doing or saying something about Syria but having no plan of execution. Our diplomacy is more about yelling and blaming sides rather than helping innocent women and children caught in the crossfire. What do you think will happen in 10 years when these kids become teenagers? It is only natural that they will seek revenge towards a nation that perhaps began this whole debacle in the first place? This is what happened in Iraq during our second invasion.

It is time for politicians to stop Tweeting and begin using pen and paper to draft legislative plans to save and contain Syria. If we don’t protect or provide Syria, then it will, and already has, spill over into other nations where we still have diplomatic relations. Mostly those countries risk being diplomatically severed if we idly stand by. We can no longer watch Syria’s history become swept under the rug because ISIL has already demolished most of its history and continues to execute anyone that does not believe in its ideology. Have we become the next generation of a Holocaust by allowing genocides in Syria to continue? I think we have.

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