Gay Nineties Reflection

The Gay Nineties was a period in American culture filled with a decadent appeal towards changing the landscape of dating, relationships, and infidelities. There was a sudden rise of gay bars, adult bookstores, cruising for sex, gyms, and quickie sex in cars. Despite the continual AIDS scare, promiscuous sexual experimentation was very relevant and perhaps a bit more expanded than people would care to believe.

The religious right was busy building a controversy that gay men were seducing and corrupting innocent men and perhaps boys. This argument continues today. In fact, that controversy was quite the opposite. It was straight and in some cases married men that exclusively sought out closeted gay men or bisexuals in general for sexual exploration filled with suggestions or threats not to disclose what had sexually occurred. In most cases, the hookup was quick and ended abruptly silent as if each party knew his place to discreetly disappear.

Locally published free independent newspapers were the only outlet towards anonymous hookups between gay or straight men seeking gay sexual favors. A reflection of private ads could sometimes generate several pages with the specific code word of discreet to identify no strings attached or that the individual was perhaps married or didn’t wish to be labeled.

Long gone are those independent ads and random hookups have moved towards dating apps or secretive torent servers to mask identities. The sexual revolution or experimentations seem to be over in light of various movements and the risk of an allegation or sexual improprieties. In fact, I believe sex, in general, has become a sterile and lifeless risk with nearly contractual obligations and sometimes video proof to provide not enjoyment of the experience but a document of evidence for consent if needed at a later juncture.

The random hookup is quickly dying and becoming a virtual reality setting filled with online cams demanding token pay. Naturally, the best photogenic individual wins but the fantasy of physicality hastily ends. While the virtuous notion of decadence has been replaced silence. There will continually be a calling by heterosexual men preying on closeted and introverted gay men to continue the quest of dominance and sexual exploration. You can change the venue and argument, but it is highly challenging to end the pursuit that sex is an explorative game filled with risk and indulgence.

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